Sexy Dinner Nuremberg

What made you become a courtesan? Is it not the same as a regular escort?

As a high class courtesan I am very selective of my clientele and only take a certain amount of dates each month. The most popular question I receive is why I decided to enter this profession and my answer is always that it fulfills a sexual and social need I do not find elsewhere. As a companion I am able to meet and surround myself with people from all over the world who challenge me, teach me, and open new doors for me. It also allows me to have my own sexual desires met in a way that my personal life does not. I take my position as a courtesan seriously in that I give my all and hope that I am able to secure lasting companionable relationships from it.

How do you choose your companions?

There is no particular guideline that I follow when choosing a companion. When reaching out to me I hope that you are willing to be honest and trustworthy about who you are and what you are looking for. I am not only looking for sexual gratification, but also someone whom I connect with on many levels. Someone who cannot only engage me physically, but mentally as well with good conversation and passion. I am here to create meaningful experience and hope you are too.

What do I expect from my companion?

I expect my companion to first and foremost be a gentleman. Someone who is polite, well dressed, and well groomed. Rudeness, violence, or exceptionally poor hygiene will see that our date ends abruptly and I will take any steps necessary to rectify the situation.

What about your level of discretion?

As stated above, your privacy as well as mine is of the utmost importance. What happens between us stays between us. My privacy is highly important to me and I know you will feel the same, thus, discretion is paramount.

What are some things that create a warm and inviting atmosphere for a date?

Champagne, a warm fire, bubble baths, jazz and maybe even some chocolate covered strawberries.

What is a turn off?

I do not tolerate any drugs, physical violence, rudeness or poor hygiene.

What will you be wearing?

I look forward to hearing about your dreams and desires and will be dressed accordingly. I have a wide range of clothing and styles from an elegant dinner night out to a casual day at the museum to a more flirty fun dance all night kind of look. I also have an array of lingerie for our more private time together. Just know that whatever you desire I will be tastefully dressed to fit your fantasy.

What is your favorite kind of date?

I love dinner dates. They allow us to relax and get to know one another, and not just our regular likes and dislikes but our fantasies and desires. We can ease into the night with a delectable dessert and after dinner drink. We can let go of the day and slip into the night with just each other and the pleasure of being together. I love winter evenings that end by a warm fire, with a record playing and our bodies wrapped around one another.

Will you travel internationally?

I do love a good travel adventure, but this will need to be discussed in further detail and will only be considered after an intial first date to make sure we make a good companionship.

For international travel payment may be requested to be transferred into my account ahead of time.

Are your photos real? Can you send me more?

Please know that all photos provided here on the website are me and have been taken recently. I am not in the game of deceiving. These photos are copyrighted and I will not send out anymore photos beyond what you see on the site . Once a photo leaves me I have no more control over it and as discretion is both of our priorities I do appreciate your understanding.

When do I give a donation?

I love to get business taken care of within the first 10 minutes of our meeting so that we can immerse ourselves into our date and have fun. Donations should be given in an unsealed envelope in euros only and should be placed on a nearby surface within sight. If meeting in public I request that donations also be in an envelope within a discreet gift bag.

What are your limits?

Safety is always an utmost priority. Condoms are used for everything including any toys and there are no exceptions to this rule. I do not offer anal and this is also a hard limit.

Why do you only offer kinky services in studio?

As you may have noticed there is a link at the end of my About Me if you are perhaps looking for something kinkier. I feel that in order to really give up control I prefer to be in a safe space, one that I know and that I am already comfortable in. In studio we also have a supply of toys and equipment at our disposal for our pleasure and fun. Once again feel free to read more here.

Please know that regardless of our chemistry, time is not to be exceeded unless discussed and considered by me.

Age Late 20s
Height 5'7 / 170cm
Figure Slender
Eyes Hazel
Hair length Medium wavy
Measurements 34B/ 75B
Skin Fair
Languages Native English, some French and Spanish
Piercings Nose
Tattoos Two small-medium tattoos on upper and lower back
Movies The Godfather and too many others to name
Books Anything by Bukowski and Steinbeck- general lover of all genres
Interests Travel, literature, painting, music, theater
Cuisine Korean, Middle Eastern, Italian
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