Being both a high class escort and a kinky submissive has allowed me to explore my own sexual desires in ways I never could have imagined, or I should say, in ways I thought would only ever be in my imagination. I have been able to open myself up sexually fulfilling many daydreams that used to leave me wet and wanting. For instance: 

It was a crowded summer morning on the subway when we locked eyes. He was wearing a gray suit and I couldn’t help but stare at how regal he looked. How powerful he seemed, even in the crowded subway cart. His presence was overwhelming, consuming.

I have always been attracted to a well kept man, in a well tailored suit. A man that walks with confidence. That isn’t afraid to be in control no matter the situation- the boardroom, the bedroom, the subway. It sounds cliche in this day and age of 50 Shades of Grey, but what can I say, a man in a suit just does things to me. But more so a man who knows what he wants and takes it. A man with confidence the ability to always be in control.

I have always been quite submissive. Sure I live independently and am perfectly capable of getting things done that need to be done- needs and wants, our desires are very separate things however. At the end of the day I like to be cared for just as I like to care for a strong man in all the ways he needs. Not just bringing him things he may like after a long hard day, but fulfilling all his needs. Just the thought of this type of service, merely being the companion he needs both inside and outside the bedroom, makes weak in the knees, soaked between my legs.

I have a fantasy…

I picture you coming back to the hotel room after a day of meetings. Tired and ready to relax. I wait for you dressed in your favorite lingerie, hair cascading down my back, made up just the way you like. I greet you at the door and lead you to a comfortable chair. I hand you a drink and begin to massage your shoulders, but slowly I make my way to my knees in front of you. Delicately undoing your belt, your buttons, your zipper until I have finally…

You rise and walk away leaving me there waiting and wanting. I remain still on my knees until you call for me to join you. The steam in the shower swirls as wetness continues to pool all over my pussy. We spend a glorious amount of time pleasuring one another as the hot water runs down our bodies. And as we move from the shower drying ourselves off, you pull me towards the bed for another round.You tease and deny me. You use your voice in that commanding way to direct me into positions you find most pleasing. I love being told what to do. To see the glint in your eye as I mold myself to your liking. You are commanding but caring. You tell me to close my eyes as you play with me, building the pleasure only to deny me, to tell me to get on my knees and earn my reward. I love giving you the control if just for a few hours. 

We spend the evening in bed, entangled in each others limbs, I listen and give you everything you need and till sleep takes us just as the sun rises. 

This is just one of many fantasies and because I choose to be a companion, a high class escort, I get the chance to, in fact, live out many of these sexual dreams- fulfilling my own needs just as much as I fulfill my companions. For me the fulfillment is not just in the sexual act but also being a companion and serving you in the ways you need. It is the luxury of this world where we can act upon our desires and let go of our inhibitions, to do as we please, if only for just one night.

Yours truly,