General terms

Our date begins the moment I walk through the door or meet at the requested meeting place, eg restaurant.

If you choose to end our time together early, that is of course your choice, but you will not be refunded for the remaining time.

Please make sure to read my deposit, screening, and cancellation policies located on the donation page.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance and being showered and groomed is a requirement. If I feel you have not adequately cleaned yourself and another shower is needed I will request for you to take one which will then be included of our time together. So please make sure you scrub well and make yourself fresh as I have done the same for you.

Overnight dates will require I receive a minimum of 6 hours of sleep, undisturbed unless I give verbal confirmation otherwise.

Termination of Service

Please read carefully. As I have stated safety is of the highest priority and certain behaviors will be grounds for termination of service. This also means you will not be refunded and in severe cases will be reported to the police. I reserve the right to terminate any service and specifically for the following:

1) Disregarding boundaries: I have clear boundaries of what I am willing to offer and what is not on the table. If you push or continuously ignore my "Nos" for certain activities I have clearly stated make me uncomfortable or do not offer, I will take that as a disregard for my safety. Examples of this is pushing for anal when it is a service I do not offer, pushing to go without a condom, or touching and performing sexual acts while I am asleep. All these and any other behaviors I deem inappropriate or in violation of my boundaries will lead to the termination of our date.

2) Condom tampering: I almost always prefer to place the condom on myself, but in any case, if I see you are tampering or trying to stealthily remove the condom without my knowledge, it will lead to the immediate termination of our date and you will be reported to the police. This is not only a violation of my safety, but against the law so it is not tolerable under any circumstances.

3) Alcohol and drugs: Of course I'd love to have a wine or two, who wouldn't? However, if after arrive I suspect you are heavily intoxicated and/or on any form of narcotics, I will immediately terminate the date. If I suspect you have tampered at all with my drinks, this is also grounds for termination and you will be reported to the police.

4) Photography and Video: I do not allow any photos or videos during our time together. If I find you are violating this request I will end our time together without refund. This will also result in the seizing of any photos or videos taken with a report to the police as I have not consented to any such media.

5) Non-Disclosure of an STD: Both our health and safety are important. If you show visible signs of open sores or what is considered transmittable to other parties the date will be terminated without refund.

6) Impersonation: If I have made it clear you are a client I do not wish to see please do not try to book me under a false name. I will either block you or terminate the booking altogether. Please again, respect my boundaries.